Terms of participation in the international section:

  • Each Radio channel can have a total of three programs from the announced formats.
  • Foreign Radio channels can have totally two programs.
  • Each of the provincial centers and city Radios can only send two works (among the mentioned titles) to the festival.
  • Each of the IRIB's World Service is allowed to send only two works from the mentioned titles to the festival.
  • Programmers of the Political Deputy are allowed to participate in the festival with a maximum of two Radio programs in documentary and docudrama categories.
  • Only one program will be accepted from each programmer (inside or outside of the country).
  • Programs which were selected before in national and international festivals will not be judged.
  • Participants have this opportunity to send their programs to the Festival secretariat until 06 Mar 2019.
  • A list of the accepted programs for the final stage would be announced on the festival website by the April 04th in 2019.
  • Translated text of the final stage selected programs should be sent based on the following table in a Word format.
  • Programs should be sent as ( STANDARD FROMAT) "Mp3"
  • Writing the programs main cast's name in the registration form is obligatory.

Judgmental processes

Work selection stage: Each program reaches the final stage provided that obtaining 75 percent of the total score.

Final stage: In each section or format, ultimately maximum two works would be accepted only if they gain the required point. Only one programmer (the producer or the designer) will be appreciated in this level.

The jury members: All are selected from Iranian and Foreign experts Radio programmers.

-Among the participated works, the works of the following subjects (culture variation, World peace, water crisis, and anti-terrorism) would have more chance to get the award.

Judgments criteria:

  • Selection of the intended goal and its resemblance with the target audience: theme attractiveness and its success in transferring the message
  • Content novelty: creation and innovation in content presentation and its structure
  • Programming techniques: the program's artistic edition as well as attention to the semiotics of the Radio programming (including: appropriate music mix, speech, effect, language codes and etc.)
  • Appropriate technical quality.

Work format and the structure of the programs:





30 minutes Max


30 minutes Max

Mini Feature

5 minutes Max

Short Drama

5 minutes Max

On-Air Personality

60 minutes Max


60 minutes Max


90 Second Max

User Generated Content Programs**

60 minutes Max


*Docudrama radio program is a documentary-style program which has drama features with historical performances which are based on real historical stories. A docudrama is somewhat a drama-like reconstruction of a reality that has actually happened.

**User Generated Content Programs are the ones that have been created using any forms of on-line contents including subjects of the web-logs, Wikis, group discussions, posts, multimedia files, digital pictures and other media types which are produced by on-line users and are often accessible via social websites.

International section award:

The Winner in each title:
1000 €
  • +
  • a statuette
The second person in each title:
700 €
  • +
  • a certificate of appreciation
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