Selection of worthy radio works, introducing of radio elites and stars

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The Judging Committee of the 14th International Radio Festival, headed by Shahram Mollazadeh started to work.


Speaking to the Public Relations of Voice Department, Shahram Mollazadeh announced the beginning of the committee's work and mentioned: "In addition to selecting valuable radio works, we are going to recognize and appreciate the elites and stars of various parts in the 14th festival”.

Director of the Judging Committee of the 14th International Radio Festival continued: "In the first step, with the purpose of the pathology of the past festivals, a think tank composed of radio experts and professors is formed who is responsible for selecting referees and compiling the  judgment doctrine for national and international parts. In this regard, we have also used the views of other radio network managers and we propose all radio networks to play a role in judging the works in the festival of this year, so we can celebrate the 14th festival more glorious than the previous ones.

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