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Scream of Butterflies became the final candidate for the ABU Prizes 2020

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The program "Scream of Butterflies" from Radio Iran, Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, became the final candidate for the ABU Prizes 2020 festival in the news report section.


Ms. Razieh Hossein Ali, the producer of this program, had a short talk with the secretariat of the Radio Festival about her reason and the way of making the program.

Seeing the news about the color changing in the butterflies' wings due to the air pollution in London, she thought of making this program so she had a meeting with  Mr. Vatandoost the entomologist and the professor of the University of Tehran around the ecosystem and environment of the world.

This program is a 4-hour summary of the conversation with Prof. Vatandoost, which was prepared as a news report.

Environmental issues are my forever concerns so I produce environmentally-oriented programs in general, Ms.Hossein Ali said.

and I will also continue producing programs on the environment, she added.

In the following slides, listen to a part of the program and see the photos related to the subject of the program.

The Secretariat of the Radio Festival, while congratulating her, wishes her success in this important event.



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